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A sign from God?

For those of you who don’t believe in God, I won’t judge you or try to convince you that He does exists… faith and belief in Him is personal, so no forcing anyone into anything from me. And I am of NO religion, I don’t want to be in one and I don’t like them… so I choose to believe in God and His Son, and I try to do what I think it’s correct and live my life accordingly…

With that said, I just want to say that I think quitting is a sign from God. I don’t know why, but seeing how everything is turning out, I am feeling that He wants me to go to another career that isn’t in the medical field.

A little background:
My family being Christian, they always left to God everything, and becoming a doctor was one of those decisions. We always said “if God wants it, I will become a doctor” but what if He didn’t want me to be a doctor? And so, I got into med school and then I struggled and etc.

Today, just recently, I was doing more research about computer systems engineering, and I was looking for other institutions for it… however, I have found only 1 that is a public institution and is VERY close to home (about 20 minutes walk). I already knew of that one, but I kept hearing bad stuff about it… how bad can it be? I mean, people graduate and can become something of themselves once they get out of there.
And well, all this time I was thinking that I would have to take an entire year off from school and go for my new career the following year, thus making myself look for a job in the meanwhile. I kept thinking what job openings were there for people with my education level (high school). Until I found something out that made me say “Holy… are you kidding me??!!!”
I looked into the admission test I would have to take to get in. I saw it on the page of the institution and saw “Periodo Agosto-Diciembre 2012” (which translates to “August-December 2012 Period”) and read the pdf they had. As I read on, I saw the test registration/taking date and was amazed by it!!!

Test registration: March 26, 2012 – May 30, 2012
Test execution:
June 08, 2012
July 5, 2012

All I could really say was that this may be a sign from God. I remember that many times the test registration date was from mid February till late April, but not this time!!! So that means, I have time to register for the test, pay for it, take it and (God willingly) I pass it and enroll in my career, I wouldn’t miss a single day of school!!! WOW!!! You should see my the grin on my face… ^_^

So, the plan is a bit simple yet complicated. I shall first get a bit more info on the career (what they do, etc), tell my Mom about it before May 30th, sign up for the test and get all documents ready, unregister in med school, study for the test, and then take the test.
The only problem I have right now is: How do I approach my Mom about the plan? Should I just blurt it out (maybe not), tell her calmly, give her the info all nicely organized for her to read and tell her calmly, or just not tell her until I finally register?

Umm… the 3rd option seems more appropriate, and I must be very straight forward and not doubt about it. I will have to make a document listing all the reasons, pros/cons, etc. of leaving med school. So, off I go to do that!!

*crinkle hugs and licks*


School, yet again…

I am again struggling with school decisions… I don’t know whether I should stay or quit med school, again… I say again not because I had quit med school before (which I haven’t) but because I yet again doubt my acceptance being there…

You see, here is the entire story of my ambition for becoming a doctor…
Ever since I had reason (like at 4 years) I have always said that “I wana become a doctor”, and that has kept on going for the past 14 years… I was still determined to become a doctor up until the end of high school, when I came back to Mexico, that’s when it started to die down a bit… I didn’t get in the first time (didn’t pass the admission test), and so I took another career to see if I could transfer instead… I chose chemical engineering, and during my year there, my ambition for med school almost died completely…

Still determined a bit, or well, not really… I only took the test cuz I had paid for these lessons to pass the test (yeah, there are classes for just passing that test since it was for many careers other than medicine), and so when the time came to take the test, I did… and after a month, I got the “good” news about having passed the test… my Mom was VERY happy, but I on the other hand was unemotional, my thoughts were “do I deserve to go to med school? do I really want to go?”… but I put those thoughts asides, ignored my heart and mind, and just went with the flow… and so, I got ready to go to med school, even though I didn’t show a single bit of emotion (neither happy nor sad)…

Once inside, I thought to give it a try and see how everything was… to my surprise, everything was hard… nothing made sense and people were going faster than I could, so I was barely making it out of there alive… at first I thought “maybe it’s just this way at first, and it will get better later on”, but I never saw that ‘later on’ part…

All this time, I haven’t been happy to go to school… ever! All this time, I have been wanting to skip it, forget it, leave it… I haven’t been happy in school, not like in high school were some classes did make me happy to go to… especially in my junior year (11th grade), boy do I miss them days… best days of my entire high school years… senior year wasn’t that far behind either, it was pretty cool, and I also loved it very much… heck, even chemical engineering was actually quite nice and I enjoyed a couple of classes in particular (algebra and programming) and I was actually happy to go to them… calculus, I also enjoyed, but what I never liked was that the teacher never taught well, he didn’t even know how to do certain equations correctly; one time we asked how to do a derivative problem he left for homework, and when he tried it he couldn’t do it and said “do it for homework” (umm, it WAS homework)…

So, if I’m not happy with it, why not leave it and choose something where I could be happier? A career where I am better at?
I would if I could… but here are a few problems I must face to decide this…

  1. Am I quitting to easily/early?– I don’t study because I don’t understand it… I don’t get it because I don’t like it… I don’t like it because I’m uninterested… and it’s uninteresting because it’s boring!!! but am I giving it my best?? I feel like I’m not even trying hard at all… I feel like I’m just quitting as the easy way out without a proper fight… but what fight can I give it?? I’m lazy because I’m not interested in medicine anymore… maybe a few aspects here and there (some clinical stuff, facts, procedures) but not entirely… and so, what would quitting do??
  2. Money is the root of all evil… and problems too…– I feel that I just wasted lots of my Mom’s money… maybe there aren’t many kids that care much about what their parents spend on them, but I care WAAAY more than I should… every expense I have cost my Mom (hospitals, utensils, toys, clothing, etc.) I regret and want to make up… I have seen how my Mom broke (and keeps breaking) her back just for us, and I feel it aint fair for me to do that to her… and quitting would only make it worse cuz she has spent already more than $11,000 on my school alone…
  3. Mexico is the WORST!!!– I hate this country with such hatred, that sometimes I wish (or at least wouldn’t mind) for some power to bomb the sh*t out of it… seriously, Mexico is by far the worst country I have been to (even though I;ve only beenhere and the US, so this can’t be true 100% globally)… their education is one of the worst, we have tons of illiteracy problems and so much corruption!!! ugh, i hate it… and well, the bad part is that there aren’t many career choices for me out here… all of them require TONS of money and they also require for one to cheat and bribe and such… and besides, if I do what I wana do (fix computers or something else) there are little to no jobs here, so what’s the point??
  4. Self-esteem is worthless, but necessary?– I duno what I’m good at… I don’t really have much for a hobby (and pawing wouldn’t count I guess), so I wouldn’t know what to go for… I like math, computers, certain aspects of medicine and science, technology in general, logical thinking, individuality, freedom… but what could I be good at?? Math teacher? well, wouldn;t mind it much, but I’m not so great at teaching, and grading papers sucks!!… Computer engineer? eh, pass… i don;t wana be stuck in a cubicle all day long… nurse? not really, i mean, they must have MORE stress coming from the doctors AND the patients at the same time…
    IT Technician? well, i wouldn’t mind going from home to home or being in a small/big business and fix the computer around, managing them and making sure they run properly… actually, now that I’m writing about it, I’m actually liking the idea!!! Why not??? It involves some of my favorite stuff (math, computers, fixing stuff, ingenuity, programming, logical thinking, freedom, individuality) and I wouldn’t get stuck in a cubicle or a phone (hopefully)… only problem is, I have NO CLUE if they have such a career here in my city, let alone my state… would have to research about it… but if I quit, I might consider this an option… and not only that, but I think I can have the opportunity to work in a hospital to fix their computers and machines!!! OMG!!!!

So… after writing all this out, I think that if I quit, I will go for IT Tech. cuz it would best fit me!!! If only I’d knew a school or someone who is getting that career done… hmm… will research about it, but in the meantime, I should make more options on what i could go for as a career…
wow, I feel much better now!!! Why didn’t I think of this before??? But I also couldn’t have done this without the help of Yure (tons of advice and moral support) and Brandon (moral support and understanding)… *sigh of relief*… now, I must keep thinking about the final decision, but in order for that to come, I must research about this career and such… won’t be much a problem I guess, but will take time… if anything comes up, I will keep you updated…


And on a side note cuz I just want to…:
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Season 2 is coming to an end!!! And I can’t wait for the season finale this April 21st!!!! It’s gonna be SO AWESOME!!! I never knew Twilight had a brother… seriously, they should consider making an episode where there is an entire family reunion of all the families of the main 6 (Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Flutterhsy, Rarity, Twilight Sparkle) so that way we could meet all of their family members (I have no clue if Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash and Applejack, have parents or brothers… who are Scootaloo’s parents anyways?)… sorry, just wanted to share that to anyone who watches the show…


Hey there people, how’s your life treating you??? Well, hopefully better than mine…

So, this past week, I’ve been on vacations… we have this week called “Semana Santa” or ‘Holy Week’ where people do somthing church related… apparently, they don’t eat meat on thursday and friday… but since im not catholic (nor much of a christian either) i didnt do anything about it.

Anyways, all I did this week was… sleep, eat, play, roleplay, post crap on facebook, eat some more, go potty, paw* from time to time, do som homework, and repeat… i also watched some videos, did some subtitles work on a few videos i had, organized my 1TB external HDD, etc…

It was somewhat of a boring week, but I at least got to sleep in a few days!!! I also did some homework, so it wasn’t a complete waste of time… and Yure gave me this vid with the music for a game called “VVVVVV” and here is an overall of the game… IT IS AWESOME!!!! short, but still great!!! quite challenging…
I’ll say “get the demo or buy the game” so i am NOT encouraging for anyone to do a google search for “VVVVVV 2.0 torrent” and download it and play it… support the people who make these games and more!!! and also, THE CHIPTUNE MUSIC FROM IT ROCKS!!! i fell in love with “Positive force” especially after 00:41… *gets teary* yeah…

*sigh* that’s my entire week… nothing left to say i think… maybe that we got a new camera (14 megapixels Lumix)… and yeah…

Now, I’m actually thinking of moving this blog to WordPress for a change… the thing is that I keep hearing from some places that wordpress is much better than blogger in quite a handful of ways they can’t seem to point out very well… not that I have anything against blogger, but i wana see what the bigg fuzz is about wordpress. For one thing, you have no captchas for those who don’t have an account there, and you also get email notifications if you opt for them… so i might try to create a wordpress blog, but will need some more searching bout it before going for it (just to see if i can transfer my blogs from here to there, which they say it is now easier than ever before to do so).


YouTube Videos

I have made some YouTube videos over the past year and I wanted to share them here. Please vist my YouTube channel for more stuff. (=P)

Burning my Homework

Me burning my homework that my math teacher, Mr. Church, did not collect, and it took me a long time to complete. That and I said I’d burn it if he did not collect it.

How to use Project64 to play N64 games in your computer

I show you all how to use the N64 emulator and how to configure it to your likings. Here are the system requirements

O SH**

A small video I made with my group in our Computer Technologies class some time ago

Enjoy =P

YAY Friday!!! But wait… !!!!

Well, its FINALLY FRIDAY!!! Woohoo!! I am just glad to be out of school already for the weekend.

But wait, I just have some bad news.

No, not homework (although I did get some), but there was a fire near my school!! NOT KIDDING!! IT WAS ONLY LIKE 1 OR 2 HOUSES DOWN!!! We didn’t evacuate at all, but I still hope nobody was injured. Maybe it will be on the news, but I doubt it. Nobody really notices (or cares) about San Jose. =(

Here is the story of what happened. Click me!

Anyways, if you want, check out my YouTube channel Here. I have 2 videos posted so far but I will add more once my schedule clears up a bit. =P