If this looks quite different, then you can blame the WordPress Windows 8 App… yeah, I’m using it to write to it… ^_^

Anyways, the rant is as follows… my facebook timeline says I have 108 friends… but guess what… out of those 108, about 4 to 7 people are actually my friends (not including family members which is just 1)… that’s about 3.7% of them!!!

How do I know?? Well, just recently (yesterday) I asked for some “school friends” help to pots in a closed group they are in (they kicked me out since I no longer study there) an album that I have where I show the books I’m selling… and well, apparently 9 out 30 people saw it and I feel that they just ignored it… yeah, such great friends you guys are!!!

So yeah… I used to think that friendship was just a word that summarizes the following, “people who hang with you for something you have or something they want from you”… but that changed when I made real friends (like Brandon, Yure, Ryan, Noggum, Nesath, Roger) and when I watched MLP… but yeah… I hate when people don’t want to help others in their time of need… how hard is it to copy and paste???