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here we go again…

Yep, it’s that time again… time to go back to school…

Kinda looking forward to it and kinda not… I like school and it will keep me from being bored at home doing nothing, but I dislike homework and tests… and this semester might be quite harsh since I have a strict OOP (Object Oriented Programing) teacher that will make my life hell, but I think I can handle it since I’m kinda good at logic stuff…

So yeah… I need to keep up my good work and make this semester a great one with a good grade and average… only bad thing is that I’m VERY lazy so that won’t be good… oh well, I’ll manage…



If this looks quite different, then you can blame the WordPress Windows 8 App… yeah, I’m using it to write to it… ^_^

Anyways, the rant is as follows… my facebook timeline says I have 108 friends… but guess what… out of those 108, about 4 to 7 people are actually my friends (not including family members which is just 1)… that’s about 3.7% of them!!!

How do I know?? Well, just recently (yesterday) I asked for some “school friends” help to pots in a closed group they are in (they kicked me out since I no longer study there) an album that I have where I show the books I’m selling… and well, apparently 9 out 30 people saw it and I feel that they just ignored it… yeah, such great friends you guys are!!!

So yeah… I used to think that friendship was just a word that summarizes the following, “people who hang with you for something you have or something they want from you”… but that changed when I made real friends (like Brandon, Yure, Ryan, Noggum, Nesath, Roger) and when I watched MLP… but yeah… I hate when people don’t want to help others in their time of need… how hard is it to copy and paste???


2013 – So far so good… =P

OK then… 2013 has actually had a great start!! I have been able to do MUCH better than last year. How do I know?? Well, for starters, my giant and occasional depression is no longer present!!! *Fluttershy yay* ^^_

And to makes things better, my family isn’t fighting much either!! Also, I’m doing more work now… I have been editing the guide since yesterday and it has made A LOT of progress… I’ve written much more that I think I can now say it’s in alpha state (no more pre-alpha), so yeah… I haven’t changed the design of it yet, only the content, so when the design is changed, I shall make it beta… =P

As for drawing, well I haven’t been able to draw anything yet… but I feel with so much energy and happiness that I feel I can draw much easily now… especially since I had practice with my comic thingy for that has helped improve the way I draw the heads and in return the bodies too… so I feel that with much more practice I’ll be able to draw even better!!! And what better way to practice than by making gift art?? (spoiler) ^-^

Anyways, I’ll continue with the guide and other stuff pending… and I hope everyone is having an amazing 2013!!!

*crinkle-cuddles all*