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Windows 8 and Office 2013 Testing… -_-

Well, I’m testing the new Windows 8 Pro (x64) and the Office Professional Plus 2013… and I got a few things to say about it…
FRIKI ALERT:: Skip all this if you don’t want to read a bunch of technicalities about Windows 8 and such…

I’m getting used to it, but not really liking it like I love Windows 7… well, maybe a little… there are a few things that I like about Windows 8, after some hacks and mods are made, that beat Windows 7…. the main thing is that Win8 is more umm… “personal”.

You see, after using some mods (like the gadgets and the Metro start menu mod/hack), the computer can feel a bit more like a personal computer… you can also now use numbers in the user account, which if I do recall, you can’t do in other Windows distros (i think)… also, you can easily edit the lock screen image too, which kinda makes the C:\Windows\System32\oobe\default\backgroundDefault.jpg hack a bit obsolete.
Overall, the Windows 8 has made the computer more “personal” by adding way more graphical interface than other Windows distros… however, it can only be done by hacking/modding a few settings, which isn’t illegal to do really since no registry edition is made…

On the other hand, some things suck ass… things that one who has used Windows since XP says “Microsoft, WHAT IN THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING!!!”

To begin with, NO MORE START BUTTON…. yeah, no more classical Start menu button, but instead the Metro Start Menu Screen, which is the first thing to load at login, tho you can choose to load Desktop first with another hack… also, HIBERNATION IS TURNED OFF AUTOMATICALLY!!! Yep, if you have a laptop, then you need to go to the power options, choose what closing the lid does, change setting that aren’t currently available, and then turn on Hibernate…. I hate this a bit cuz I can’t do my quick hibernate (WinKey, right-arrow, right-arrow, enter)… in order to shutdown, restart, hibernate, sleep, you need to place the mouse pointer to the upper right corner, settigns, power and choose… -_-

There are more things I dislike, but I’m getting used to them… I’m also testing programs that don’t work on Win8, like Avira Antivirus… it creates a BSoD (which, btw, it was also changed to a light-green/blue screen with a bit of text that makes the dump file and a 😦 <–that) that reads “BAD_POOL_HEADER”… so yeah, it was even tough to get to the Safe Mode since you now must hit Shift and smash F8 to enter the settings, but its even trickier if it allows you to get in… and yes, you need safe mode to uninstall Avira… trust me… -_-



So yeah, testing out windows 8 has been tiresome to me… i must do this in order to be able to update myself on technology… luckily, i installed Win8 Pro on an old hard drive I had laying around… so I still got my Win7-Ubuntu all intact!! ^_^

I still don’t like Win8 THAT much as to make me switch… i’ll just wait until windows 9 comes out… but for now, testing must be done… =P

random update thingamajig… =P

Well, this is just a random update of what’s going on with me… =P

It’s been awesome!!! I really am enjoy school quite much!! My grades are WAAAAAAAAAYYYY better than in med school!!! Everything’s is basically higher than a 90 except for Discrete Math (85) and Investigation Basics (unknown, test still coming this Monday)… so yeah… im glad to have made the change… and im glad finals is almost over (just that one class)…

I’m trying to get back to the hang of things… trying to draw again (already finished 1 drawing) and will try to improve… I will also start working on the guide again and finish some other stuff too… some changes i’ve made so far:
My diaries will be from now on a “need-to-write” basis instead of daily… frankly, this is cuz I got quite bored and tired of writing daily my life… and i saw that many times i write “Boring stuff… stuff… usual crap…” and thus to avoid this, I will write whenever I feel and get the chance to write… =P

Life in GeneralIt’s been a bit hectic… mainly cuz our floor is being changed and we had to move everything… so yeah… its awful to have everything in just 2 rooms an have no privacy and all… but oh well…
I bought som stuff too the other day… it was a couple of fast flow (#3) nipples for my baby bottle!! My bottle came with a medium flow (#2) nipple and its kinda tough to suckle on it… so these will help me lots…
Hmm… what else… well, nothing much… I was able to buy myself a pack of goodnites the other day and used them throughout these past 2 weeks… it was a bit odd with the floor thing, but I still was able to enjoy them… =P

That’s kinda it I guess… =P