The other day, many things happened and my mom found out I was bi (I had to tell her). And well, she got sick from that, I got pissed and depressed like shit, and then I accepted that I have NO sexuality. That’s right, the love I felt towards men and women has NEVER been physical (no sex, no kissing, nothing). What I felt was a love as a great companion and perhaps family member… many men I love as a daddy, because the root of who I am, is that I been wanting a father all along. I have a dad, but he hates me, and I never had one in childhood, thus I am a babyfur, infantilist, etc.

Anyways, after days have passed by, things have gotten a bit normal, but now I am dying little by little, one day at a time. My mom wants me to accept Jesus and follow God, forcing me to go to church on Sunday and doing stuff I have stopped doing. But I just CAN’T!!!

Right now, since my brother was the one who made me go out and confess, I am doing something I had stopped doing too: I am becoming secretive once more. I have encrypted files, hidden folders and stuff, deleted from public view info and more. I am becoming once again a hidden-nursery baby. Why? Because I can’t express myself for the next 6 years.

So yeah, and now I fear that I can’t talk here anymore for I may be “monitored” as well… I don’t know who sees this, and I never will unless they tell me about it. So I can’t express myself here, and thus I must delete or return to draft all my other posts with some info of mine…