Oh boy!!! *sigh* well, I only have 1 week left of real school, then it’s finals for all month long… yeah, June finals… I have like 4, one starting this week though…

Boring, boring, boring… OK, I might have not said this before, but since I don’t give a flying F for them, I started to skip some of them… or have I said that before?… wait… *checks older posts*… oops!! I have, sorry ^_^
Well… it’s been VERY boring lately in there… I do nothing fun and really nothing worth my time… and I dislike going to the psychologist, but I think I can make it so tomorrow monday is my last visit with her. I finally found out WHY my interest plummeted to the ground for med school: I am disappointed!!! Not with myself, but with the school system….

So, the other night I had a small argument with my mom, and we talked about me and med school yet again. And we came to the conclusion that I still love med school, but that I am disappointed in the way they teach it here in Mexico, and thanks to that my interest just died. Perhaps, if it were taught in a different way (where learning was what matters most and not the grade) then maybe I would still be enjoying it. But no, it is not that way at all in almost any place. So, I prefer to just quit med school and go for a career where, even though it is the same type of system where only the grade matters, I can actually LEARN something and even UNDERSTAND it with less difficulty. For some reason, computers have been quite better for me to understand, and so is math; thus I say the following:

Staying in med school, passing with the lowest passing grade possible, and becoming a mediocre doctor is not what I want. I prefer to quit and go for something I know I am better at understanding and learning than becoming something I am NOT and actually doing more harm than good in society. I rather be able to break a computer and replace it somehow, than leave an empty, dark and bottomless pit in someone’s heart by taking the life away of someone they loved thanks to my ignorance.

And so, my decision. I want to talk to the principal and the psychologist about this feeling, and I proly will. So there we go…

Aside from the unexpected surprise, I had more unexpected surprises… well, it was really just one today, but I still love it. A great friend of mine from FA (roger) has made a gift art for Yure, Ryan and me… I was SHOCKED to see it cuz I never had it coming!!! IT WAS IS AMAZING!!!!! I LUV IT!!!! Here is the pic… if you have an FA account, I’d encourage you to fave it and give him som luv ^^

And ummm…. yeah, that’s kinda it… lots of stuff going on in life with me… my b-day is nearing (not good) but something is also nearing… delivery date!!! Of what? Oh nothing especial… just A NEW DOG NAME TAG FOR MY COLLAR!!!! yeah, had it ordered yesterday and it will be here in about 25 to 30 days, so maybe I’ll be able to obtain it on my b-day… =P

And lastly… I HAVE TOO MANY ACCOUNTS EVERYWHERE THAT I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT EMAIL THEY ARE ATTACHED TO OR WHAT THEY ARE!!!!… I have a small file with the accounts and the emails I used for them, but it’s a bit out of date, and I really need time to update ALL of them accounts… at least log in and say something so people know I’m still alive… thing is, I actually use FA the most. That and FB, but eh… I prefer FA, but I also like the other sites like DA, BFME, FMX, IB, SF, etc…