Well… today I was surprised by my mom’s reaction. But I guess I should first post about the whole situation…

On Sunday, I went out to the mall with my cousin, and I went there to buy myself a doggy collar… yes, I wanted one for quite some time, and since my grandma has given my my birthday present earlier, I finally could buy it. And so, once at the pet store, we looked at some collars and I found one that I liked very much: a blue nylon collar with a nice belt buckle. No design, no fancy shmancy stuff like spikes or fur… just plain soft nylon. I took that one, and I was also going to get the name tag for it, but seeing that they had made it “formatted” (they have the format already, you just change little info), I duno if I can actually get it there. I want a name tag that says:


fox-wolf puppy
age: 4
“proud padded pup”

But nevertheless, I bought the collar, and here is me wearing it for the first time!!

And well, I loved it very much!!! It feels nice and comfy, doesn’t itch or anything and I loved the color!!! ^_^

However, The problem began once home, wearing the collar still. My mom saw me and was pissed about it. She didn’t like it, but I didn’t care much. The next day after school, I am told by her that EVERYONE (except my cousin of course) disliked me wearing a dog collar on my neck. And there was a huge argument about it, too long to discuss here… and in the end, they hated me and I kept on being myself, tho I hid from them to not hurt them.

But today, I come home and the house was empty. And after a while, my mom arrives and she says to me

I want to apologize and thank you. Apologize because I have been bad to you this whole time, and thank you because you have been sincere. And well, I just want to say that you’re right, and to please be careful with whatever you do. With school, well it isn’t a problem and it will be whatever God decides, but I hope you can finish it.
I told [your dad] about it and he said ‘That’s good, right?’ And I was like: what?! ‘Well yes, there’s nothing wrong with it! As long as it isn’t drugs or alcohol, there is no problem!’. Maybe it’s because I’m a woman…

HOW AWESOME IS THAT!!! Being told that I was right and she was wrong, and it was all because I was being honest with her… and I am!! I told her clearly that it wasn’t bad and that it is my taste in clothing and articles… and well, I am now “allowed” to wear it, but I have decided not to do so while around the family. Why? So I don’t embarrass them in any way, or make them feel ashamed, etc. It is for their sake, not mine, cuz if they didn’t mind at all, I would wear it almost every day ^_^

And so, that was somewhat unexpected from her… I did expect some sort of closure talk, but not very sure how it was going to end. And well, I am now happier than when I was, knowing my mom isn’t pissed at me anymore and that I have support from my dad!!

*crinklehugs and licks*