And still, everything is about the same… actually, I forgot what I did throughout the entire week!!! Good thing I have my diary to look at (which I should start posting again… hmmm, wonder why i stopped that).

According to my diaries, my life has been horribly boring… well, not entirely, but most parts. I have done nothing much except for the guide and a few other crap. Gotten angry with my brother and other people, but thats pretty much it. I wrote many things in it right now but still not even beta version. It needs more… MUCH more… But yeah, everything else has been boring. Everything except the RPs, which are awesome, but they get a lil boring when you are very sleepy…
Umm… I have talked to Noggum (the furry from my city) via chat and it was awesome! He is cool with me being an infantilist… he asked if I ever wanted to wear a diaper one day, and I replied “only ONE day?” and gave him the explanation and link about infantilism. He’s cool with it and finds it interesting… and also, he goes to the school and career I want to go!!! He told me the career is nice and relaxed a bit, and that it’s tons of math and some programming, but everything is cool. That just cheered me up and now I want to learn java programming… which I kinda am ^^
And also, I told my cousin about me being an infantilist, babyfur and bi… and she’s also cool with it!!! I was very happy to have told her, I been wanting to for a long time, but I just felt too scared to do so since she is my family. But yeah, she thinks it’s normal and finds nothing wrong with it… damn it feels so nice for someone in my family to know and accept me ^_^

I have talked to the psychologist and I kinda hated it. She basically made me think who I was and what I wanted. Well, I am that babyfur self, and what I want is to have a relaxing and somewhat happy life full of surprises and ups and downs!! As for a job, I don’t really see myself as a doctor at all, and I imagine myself being the manager of the systems in a company; making sure they work properly, fast and all work gets done. You know, just fixing them and being able to do many things in my computer… and to even strengthen my love and interest for computers, my brother is doing a sorta thesis about viruses, and he’s asking my opinion and it’s awesome!!! I love to think about viruses and anything computer related!!! But I guess the psychologist doesn’t see that in me…
Anyways… school has been the most boring since ever!! I have NO clue what they are talking in Histology, no interest in Anatomy, nothing about Biochemistry and seriously not giving a flying F about Demography!!! It has come to such extent that I don’t do my homework and I skip classes. I mean, look. If I have to learn everything at home, and my homework is what I have to present in class and I don’t do it, what’s the point in going to class? What’s the point in telling the teacher “I didn’t study” and skipping me? Seriously, it’s stupid.

And well, I guess that’s it… I’m actually a little worried about Yure cuz of his school stuff… I hope you are doing fine right now, and I still wish I could help you out more!!