Well, the update isn’t surprising itself… but what happened this week WAS surprising… beyond my imagination really…

Last time I wrote, I was saying that my family was somewhat against my decision to leave med school, but something unexpected happen on the 2nd… something I would’ve never have really imagined myself since I pretty much know how people are… here is the background info to this:

My brother asked me if I wanted to go see the new movie The Avengers, and I said sure, why not… I didn’t care if I had to do homework or not. We told our mom that we were going out but never told her where, she said it was ok and we left, but midway in the movie, my mom DID find out (somehow) and she sent me a message saying if it was almost over. Once home, I expected an argument about the movies and she didn’t disappoint me… she was very pissed about the whole movie thing that she decided to cut the internet and sell the car. She later argued about me not studying and such, and how we didn’t care about her, etc…
Well, what struck me by surprise was what my brother did… HE DEFENDED MY CASE AND SUPPORTED ME IN LEAVING MED SCHOOL!!! yeah, speechless… he even said the following about me:

Maybe Juan doesn’t belong in med school but he might belong in systems! He has great math skills, which is the basics of the career so he is in great shape there. He also has tons of logic, so he’s able to see a problem and think ‘ok, it doesn’t work but why? because of this or this and why not…’ and he has helped me out too in some problems I had in school that were quite easy for him. He’s very skilled with computers and besides, being an engineer in that field is no small title, they make big bucks too!!!

I could NOT believe what he said… seriously, I just wanted to hug him and attack him with licks (as a furry tho not IRL)… he was the one that was against me leaving, but on that argument he defended his and my case about school. I also defended myself but that’s pretty obvious, and in the end, my mom cooled off and was more accepting of me leaving med school, tho she still prays to God that He be the one to decide (and I just wish He helps me leave med school and get into systems).

And yesterday I told at first 2 friends in school about me leaving, and they didn’t argue about it… but once home, I went to my Facebook account and wrote that I was going to leave med school, so my entire family finds out already (they’d find out sooner or later anyways)… and well, since I have many people as my friends and they are from my classes, they all saw it and I was just expecting so many “Juan, don’t give up… you can do it!!”.
However, I was wrong, and I received so many “Good luck Juan in your new career!!” and “Well, it was a pleasure knowing you, I hope that you do great in systems” and a “It takes courage to admit that you made the wrong choice, so kudos to you!!”… I only got like 2 or 3 people to say that I should stay, but the rest (like 20-something) are in agreement about me leaving med school. My cousin found out and she supports me full way, and my aunt, well, she is kinda against me, but I wrote to her my reasons (a few, not all)… and now I am expecting phone calls from the rest of the family. I just hope they lay off my mom and go towards me directly… so now I must face their judgement which I can pretty much handle.

As for me right now? Well, I’m bored doing some presentation for histology… quite boring but I must do it… though everything will be quick and most of it will be BSd from the book. Speaking of books, some people want them!!! So I can make a bit of money back from the books, which adds up to about $5,000 spent… so maybe I can get back $4,000 by selling them, and some of them look almost brand new since I never used them much, and so I can sell them almost like new, though I will probably take out a few bucks…

Other stuff… my tooth is aching, or is it my gum?? I have no clue, really… so I will go get that checked out today, as well as do some paperwork at the institute where I will go for systems… so nothing much going on now… my imagination is lacking a bit from all this business that I can’t seem to draw anything… need some inspiration… but other than that, everything is going great!!! I am happy for once this week!!! yay!!!

*crinklehugs and licks*



That was a huge surprise to me… I told my grandma about me quitting med school, expecting for her to get sad or cry or say something against it, but she reacted completely the opposite. She did get a little perplexed, but she said “Well, if you feel that med school isn’t yours, then go for what you think it’s best!”… and I think my aunt (who works at the university where I’ll be attending) will support me as well with anything I need there… my other aunt (who wrote to me on Facebook) is also supportive of my choice… and so is my cousin!!!

I am for once happy right now!!! I never felt so much support from so many people… first it was support from my best friends Brandon and Yure, then my dad, then brother and mother, then some friends at school, and now the rest of the family!!! It goes to show that we never know someone entirely, even if we know how he/she acts, we never know when they’ll do something unexpected… something we NEVER thought possible… and prove us wrong in the way we thought of them… (sounds like a letter to Princess Celestia)

*moar crinklehugs and licks*