People can be very ironic without them intending to be… here is an example which suits the definition of irony:

School friends ask me “did you study?” and (even tho that’s ironic by itself) I say “not really, I don’t understand Histology at all”. So they say this to me “oh come one Juan!!! Histology is the easiest!!!”
Now here comes the ironic part of it: if Histology is SOOOO easy as they say it is, then how come they failed the last test she gave us? How come they have to study for HOURS without end for the Histology test if it’s SOOOO easy???

You know, my definition of easy when it comes to school is “you clearly understand the subject taught with little to no doubts and there is no real need to memorize or study so much”. Wouldn’t you agree? I mean, I find math easy, that means that I can understand math and I do NOT need to study for hours for a test because when you understand something very clearly, there is NO need to do so!!! You already understand it, so why study it if you know it already?

Sure some practice helps, but ask yourselves this: do you study what 2+2 is? Maybe if you are learning basic math yes, but if you already know what the answer is (fish), how and why you get that answer, do you need to study it for hours if the teacher is going to put a test on it? Seems ironic to me that you’d call that easy and have to study it for hours… and I would’ve loved to say that to them, but I can’t because I don’t want start any fights or arguments (they can be quite sensitive).

The world we live in is weird…