Come to think of it… I have never really questioned my motives and ways of doing things… never really cared to do so, but i just thought about what others might think or feel about the way I do things…

Mainly, I wana ask this: Am I coming too strong?… the thing is, I try to be myself, try to not be oppressed by anyone or anything and just be who I truly am inside, but is it too much??
An example would be being a brony… I love being a brony, no doubt about that, but would that be too hard on my family to know? My cousin knows but she has an open mind about me… but what about my Mom or Brother who are both on the ‘homophobic’ kind of side, and plus, they are Christians and you know how they act around such topics… what will they think if they see my wallpaper (which I changed cuz I wanted to) with the 6 main ponies???… what I’m expecting is this

Mom– What in the world is this??? Why do you have that picture there??? Are you gay or something!!! That’s why I worry about you, because you need God more than ever!!!
Brother– WTF!!!! OK, seriously, you are gay… so stop it already and take that wallpaper down!!! Or else I will go on and tell everyone about it… *punches my arm a bit hard* stop being gay then!!!
Me– So what IF I like ponies huh? Does that mean I’m gay? Or that I hate God or something like that? It is just a show I find very entertaining and well made!!! There is nothing wrong for a guy to like it… in fact, there is this fandom called “Bronies” and it is VERY HUGE in numbers… and they are all guys who like the show… and the majority of them are straight!!! Besides, it is MY life and what I like isn’t it??? So what’s the problem then???

I don’t know if it’s morally correct for me to come out that strongly, to be kinda like “so what!!! it is MY life isn’t it? I can do what I want to do, is there a problem with that, deal with it”…? I don’t like hurting other people’s feelings at all, but I also don’t like oppressing MY feelings at all!!!
I also like to speak out my opinion, even if people don’t care about it… I just like to say what I think about, but many times I feel that I must also apologize if I offend anyone since it is NOT my intent in doing so… would that be too much for me to do??

And one last detail… I try not to keep secrets, so I blog about it so anyone can see who I am, and that includes intimate stuff like pawing and such… is it too much? Should I restrict myself from saying too much detail? If anyone asks me, I have NO shame in saying that I paw off VERY often and in diapers whenever I have the chance to… I have NO shame in telling them my secrets which aren’t really secret, though I keep some stuff secret for privacy issues with friends and family (or VERY secure data like passwords to my accounts)… but for me, I am more open about my feelings and such via writing than spoken, which is hard for me to speak to someone about my feelings since I can’t expect their reaction and I don’t know what tone of voice to use… thus, writing it out is much better, and that way each person can interpret the tone of voice I’m using…

*sigh*… let’s see what happens… in the end, I really do NOT want to offend anyone, hurt anyone’s feelings, upset them… I never liked fights IRL, maybe the video games kind yes, but the RL ones no… but I’m also a bit tired of having to hide who I am… if people want to like me or be my friend, they will have to understand me at least and not judge me like I won’t judge them… and that includes girl/boyfriends (which is another story for another post)…