For those of you who don’t believe in God, I won’t judge you or try to convince you that He does exists… faith and belief in Him is personal, so no forcing anyone into anything from me. And I am of NO religion, I don’t want to be in one and I don’t like them… so I choose to believe in God and His Son, and I try to do what I think it’s correct and live my life accordingly…

With that said, I just want to say that I think quitting is a sign from God. I don’t know why, but seeing how everything is turning out, I am feeling that He wants me to go to another career that isn’t in the medical field.

A little background:
My family being Christian, they always left to God everything, and becoming a doctor was one of those decisions. We always said “if God wants it, I will become a doctor” but what if He didn’t want me to be a doctor? And so, I got into med school and then I struggled and etc.

Today, just recently, I was doing more research about computer systems engineering, and I was looking for other institutions for it… however, I have found only 1 that is a public institution and is VERY close to home (about 20 minutes walk). I already knew of that one, but I kept hearing bad stuff about it… how bad can it be? I mean, people graduate and can become something of themselves once they get out of there.
And well, all this time I was thinking that I would have to take an entire year off from school and go for my new career the following year, thus making myself look for a job in the meanwhile. I kept thinking what job openings were there for people with my education level (high school). Until I found something out that made me say “Holy… are you kidding me??!!!”
I looked into the admission test I would have to take to get in. I saw it on the page of the institution and saw “Periodo Agosto-Diciembre 2012” (which translates to “August-December 2012 Period”) and read the pdf they had. As I read on, I saw the test registration/taking date and was amazed by it!!!

Test registration: March 26, 2012 – May 30, 2012
Test execution:
June 08, 2012
July 5, 2012

All I could really say was that this may be a sign from God. I remember that many times the test registration date was from mid February till late April, but not this time!!! So that means, I have time to register for the test, pay for it, take it and (God willingly) I pass it and enroll in my career, I wouldn’t miss a single day of school!!! WOW!!! You should see my the grin on my face… ^_^

So, the plan is a bit simple yet complicated. I shall first get a bit more info on the career (what they do, etc), tell my Mom about it before May 30th, sign up for the test and get all documents ready, unregister in med school, study for the test, and then take the test.
The only problem I have right now is: How do I approach my Mom about the plan? Should I just blurt it out (maybe not), tell her calmly, give her the info all nicely organized for her to read and tell her calmly, or just not tell her until I finally register?

Umm… the 3rd option seems more appropriate, and I must be very straight forward and not doubt about it. I will have to make a document listing all the reasons, pros/cons, etc. of leaving med school. So, off I go to do that!!

*crinkle hugs and licks*