Hey how’s everyone doing?? Better than me I hope… nah… this week wasn’t so bad after all… so here is whats been going on.

Same old, same old… nothing very new except for work. I am quite tired of it, but I must keep going until it’s done… or until I find out it’s time to quit. Yeah, sometimes that happens, when you find out that the career you have been wanting really isn’t your dream career after all (which sucks). So I am seeing if that’s my case or if I just need to go through a few more bumps along the road before I can run…
My real problem is the memorization part of school. I can’t seem to be able to memorize every single thing that I read… heck, I sometimes can’t even remember what I’ve just read 10 seconds ago!!! It’s becoming a real hassle for me… but I will keep trying my best until the end of the semester, and if I happen to fail, well I guess it’s time to look for something else. It isn’t the end of the world you know… there are other things I’m good at and that I really love doing (not saying that I am the best or that these are many).
Oh, and just this past Thursday (March 15th) I went for the first time to a health center. We are signed up with a health center (depending on semester and location) to do some hands-on work. I didn’t really begin, but I was given some more homework to “memorize” by next week.

I went to the dentist this Friday… it wasn’t so bad, but it wasn’t good news either. I was told one of my fillings fell apart and needed repair. Bad thing is, my tooth has a HUGE hole in it… it is like 80% hole – 20% tooth… and it hurts a bit whenever I drink anything cold. Let me tell you, out of all the injuries I’ve had in my life (mental injuries don’t count), tooth ache is the MOST painful, even with all the others combined together and multiplied by 10!!! OK, it isn’t that painful right now, but before I got my first filling (the one that fell apart) the pain was unbearable. I am hoping that they remove it sometime next week…
Aside from that, I am finally almost at full health! Eeeyup!! Hopefully I won’t get sick… again… for the third time. Also, got an amazingly awesome gift from Yure!!! It’s a drawing of my fursona… well, techniaclly 5 drawings… wonder if I can put it up here…

yay I did it!!! lol ^_^
This made my entire week MUCH better. Seriously!!! Was feeling down dues to school, and with this, it just cheered me up!!! (And another set of thanks to Yure for these wonderful drawings!!)

[Legal mumbo-jumbo stuff]
Please don’t pirate them… if you want to reference them, please note the drawings were made by Yure and the character is 1childish1, so I didn’t draw them… they were gifts =P
[/Legal mumbo-jumbo stuff]

Lastly, my IRL best friend and I have been writting emails for some time… I even gave him links to this blog and he still accepts me, and I’ll quote him “No matter what, you will always be my friend”. To be honest with you all, I cried that day. It was the same day that Yure gave me these gifts… so it all was very overwhelmingly amazing. I have never told anyone (directly and IRL) about being an ABDL and still hear the words “you are my friend still” ever… only in my dreams and imagination. Sure, I have told tons of online friends and all, but they don’t know me (nor do I know them) IRL, so it’s a bit different.

Anyways, I’m just glad to have these two amazingly wonderful best friends of mine. I really wish I could do something as a “thank you for being there for me” for both of them (and I will… eventually).
*hugs to all*


ps: IRL = In Real Life