Hello everybody!! (or as my browser will show “everypony”)… here is another weekly update of how are things going on right now.

ugh… school been quite stressing lately… had a biochemistry test this week and im also working on a presentation for the same class, been doin tons of work for anatomy, have made a presentation for demography (which i feel it sucked more than the last 2 presentations we’ve had), and need to read about 5 chapters of histology (and summarize each paragraph or so) by this sunday!!!
yeah, tons of work… thats why i did some drastic measures to do it since monday…

  1. I have canceled/suspended my Facebook account… i spent too much time doin nothing there!!
  2. I have erased EVERYTHING that is fun (movies, games, pictures, documents, programs) from my computer… i actually just moved them to my backup drive, so nothing lost… the only thing left is school work and music…
  3. I keep a log showin my progress and what im feeling and stuff… its a little different from the diary, cuz in here i just write about the progress in this experiment… so i do not RP nor anything like that.

Ive been goin at this for almost a week and will keep goin to see if it actually works out… so far, everything is kinda working out… but i do get to have some fun on the internet, so im not like a total zombie doin work…


the browser thing i mentioned… well i learned about ponify and its quite neat!! it really is just replacing some words from regular to pony language… like human will be pony… man and women will be mare and stallion… and so on… its all quite Brony!!! so if you wana ponify your browser (firefox, chrome, safari… no IE yet) download the script by clicking “ponify”… (it works for Windows, Mac and Linux)  *brohoof*

well, thats pretty much it… nothing much really going on (except for a few details like Role Playing and such)…

Oh, wait I almost forgot… today is my FA-versary!!! yup, i turn 1 in FA, and boy was i surprised at the stats and all… never wouldve imagined to have any watcher (let alone 32) in just a year!!! tho i still dont know why, but i dont question it… i just luv their acceptance towards me!!! And I made friends over that year, especially somepony who helped me out VERY much and has been an amazingly awesome friend to me ever since… im obviously talking bout Yure!!! =P

so yeah, thats really it!!! thank you everyone!!!