my definition: doing my work till much later and later having a panic attack cuz I didnt finish nor studied…

Don’t you hate it when you procrastinate? sucks when I do… sometimes it’s very painful work, but it has to be done or else its failure in school… but i think i found a way to get over that: just do it and bitching!!!
  No, seriously, it works for me!!! if i just do it without thinking, i get it kinda done… and the bitching is from my mom that keeps tellin me to do my work and keeps on “bitching” about me not doin work… so i am both motivated by the complaints and focused by not thinking. weird huh?


just found out a few things during my week…

  1. found out how awesome some keygen music really is (8-bit, synths, etc. ROCKS!!!)
  2. i think my family doesn’t mind me being a brony (or do they?) i just dont know, cuz all this time ive had the “Rainbow Salute” firefox persona and it shows Rainbow Dash on the top-right of the browser saluting, her cutiemark, a rainbow streak and a quote saying “Coolness increased 20%” (from Art of the Dress episode)… and well, i know they have seen it since they’ve used my computer some times when they wanted to see something quickly and i was on the internet…
  3. AIMP (a music player like WinAmp, iTunes, Banshee, etc.) finally updated!!! yeah, there was the 3.0 beta, but i still used the 2.x version and now its cooler with the 3.0 release… seems nicer
  4. Quicktime doesn’t use .srt subtitles… it just wont read them at all, so if i need subtitles for an MP4 movie, i will have to use VLC to play them… oh well….


School’s been boring lately… nothing very interesting going on at the moment, just painful studying of very technical medical stuff (anatomy, histology, biochemistry, demography)
during my time bored, i do nothing really… try to play games to kill time but it just won’t do the trick and my mind is too bored to draw out anything (tho im currently trying to draw a pic of how i felt in class the other day)…


found torrents to be very nice option when it comes to downloading big files… just recently obtained the Avatar series cuz i never finished them… yeah, avatar is great, and if i could bend an element it would be earth cuz later on i could proly bend metal and other earth-based materials…

ok… now its time to get back to working on the temporal bone… its just too much!!! (and dont worry, im takin my breaks too =P)