(Second part already?) yeah, but I just want to do this… so if you don’t mind…

Remember I said life got tough but we managed, it’s because of a few problems I had and such.

Well, first problem was our economical status. We didn’t have any money at all and my mom didn’t have a job yet. We lived with some relative for a small while and then she kicked us out, but the owner of the apartments we were in was very kind to let us live in her basement (which was modified to be small rooms as apartments). We stayed there and we met with someone who has changed our lives completely, I will call him Dad from now on cuz I love him as a father, and that’s the kind of love he gave me. My real dad will be addressed as “the guy” as we used to call him.

Anyways, we received help from some societies for families that are victims of domestic violence, and my mom later got a job. I went to school and was able to read, write and speak English in a year (not very perfectly, but it was quite alright).

Things were going nicely then, but then came the time my brother left us. (Did he…) No! He just left to Mexico! What is up with me and death? (I duno…) My brother had the choice to stay or leave, and he decided to leave, and that made me sad, but it was for the better of us both.

Well, after that, I kept going to school, made good grades and all. We moved a lot from place to place, trying to find the best location at the best price. I made friends and was quite happy with the ways things were going. Elementary passed quickly, and middle school wasn’t that bad either… until the time I went to 7th grade.

During that time, my mom had to go to family court because “the guy” was complaining about me. I had therapy sessions with him and I hated him for all the things he has done to my mom, but the family court thought I had to have more time with him. And one day came the worst day in my entire life so far!

It was a regular school day until I was called into the office. In there, I met with my mom and we left for the family court. Once there, I had to have a small therapy session with my mom and then with “the guy”, which I didn’t enjoy it not one bit. They then asked me the following: “Would you go home with your dad?” which I understood as “Would you mind if your dad takes you to YOUR house in his car?” and I said YES. That was the worst mistake I’ve done!! And so, they later told me “Juan, you are going to go home with your dad.” and that’s when I knew that they meant I was going to LIVE WITH HIM!!!
I immediately said I didn’t want to, but the order was already given and I was forced to go. I wanted to at least say good-bye to my mom and they said “She left already”… I knew that was bull shit, and I denied to go, but I was forced into the guy’s car and was driven out of there. I saw that my mom was actually with my Dad and I was yelling for her, but she couldn’t hear me nor did she see me. I cried all day long without stopping… the day was September 22, 2004.

A whole year passed and I had such experiences with me: I tried to run away but was caught, the guy had re-married and I had step-brothers (which weren’t his), I had supervised visits with my mom (the happiest time I will always cherish), and how the guy really was. In the end, near the end of October, I found out the entire truth behind the guy. I found out he never loved me at all, he just used me to get revenge against my mom and I was very pissed at that. We had a huge argument and then came an emergency court date because of this. On November 3, 2005, I was reunited with my mom once and for all and I read the paperwork, which stated that the guy didn’t want ANYTHING to do with me at all. No more lies from him I guess.

And that’s it for this part! I will mention that after the whole thing, I had to have therapy sessions, because I had anger issues against the guy, but in reality, I didn’t care about him anymore. And today, I don’t care much about him, if he’s alive or not, I don’t care. If he wants to talk to me, so be it but I don’t love him as a father, that’s all…

Any comments or anything is welcome!! If you want more detailed info on how I managed to go through this, or how my year with him was or how therapy was or anything, just ask and I’d be more than happy to answer!!