This is a background story about myself, so the following will be true story, nothing made up.
Will try to just talk about important moments in my life… with some stupid comments along the way.
Enjoy and comment!!!

Born on a Wednesday, June 24th of 1992 with a heart problem- a murmur as some doctors called it. Couldn’t breathe easily, had tons of tachycardia (fast heartbeat) and didn’t gain weight or height during a whole year. At the age of nearly 2, I had an open heart surgery to fix this; the weirdest thing was that I can remember the night before (Christmas?) nooo…. before my surgery. I recall seeing myself on a bed-table thingy and having an echo-cardiogram. I actually asked my mom to let me see the screen, but I guess she couldn’t understand my baby language back then. Well, everything went great and I seemed much better after only 2 days (which most nurses say that kids with these surgeries take about 2 weeks to recover like I did)!!

Fast forward to around the age of 5, I had some very weird experiences that some would call paranormal. (Ooooh, ghosts!!!) Naah, just that the wind blew a very heavy mirror across the room and placed it right on the door, trapping me inside the room (seriously!).
    Also at the time, had some awkward experience involving diapers… for some reason unknown to me, I just decided to use some of my cousins diapers (just wet them) and then throw them away into the neighbor’s back yard. The only reason I got caught was because I forgot I hid some used diapers inside my grandma’s closet. I just wonder… my mom asked me if I wanted to be diapered to bed… what would have happened if I had said yes?

Traveling through time to when I was 9, I met my dad for the first time. It was a very amazing moment… and then it turned to the shittiest moment ever (like a stock market crash, if that makes any sense). It was the very first time I experienced “domestic violence” and the very first time I actually feared my dad! (Hooray?) I had such psychological trauma that I developed a “nervous weak bladder” (made that up), where I couldn’t hold much and would eventually pee my pants during school… thank God nobody ever saw that. Only my mom knew about that, and she was worried but never yelled at me for it since she knew what was causing this.

Didn’t get to live long with my dad, and were able to move on without him. (Did he die?) Un//Fortunately… no, we just moved away and got a restraining order and child support. Life got tough, but we managed.

And that is it for part 1 of this story. You’ll later see how I split this up into parts, and then you’ll know something I haven’t told anyone at all in real life (except for a reverend out of desperation)… so, keep on the look out for it!

All comments welcome, btw!!