So… I was requested by a great friend of mine to write my “Diaries” here, and I’m like: sure, why not?

I think only a handful of people that know about my blog know who I really am in real life. And besides, I honestly don’t mind if anyone knows me or not, if they think I’m crazy or whatever for telling people how my life is, how I am and what is going on with me. Heck, I don’t mind if anyone knows some secrets of mine, which aren’t many.

So I have decided to write my journals here… well…fine… they are diaries and decided to call them journals for no reason (lol)… However, I will modify the following to them:

  1. Omit certain info- like some names and very specific details for privacy issues… I don’t want anyone to come at me and yell that I have no right to use their names. So I will need their full approval to add their names in.
  2. Censorship- I do not want to be banned from Blogger or Google entirely, so I prefer censoring certain things like explicit events (you know what I’m talking about), bad language, etc. I will try to make it “kid safe”, even though this is NOT intended for kids to read, but just in case they find this…
  3. Extra “Author’s” comments- These will be useful to clarify certain events or anything else really.  They will be in italics and underlined so no confusion is made between the journal and the extra comment itself.

So, without further ado (<– spell checker and yahoo answers rock!), I will post the very first journal… I think it might look boring, long and painful to read, but just remember this, I aint forcing you to read it.

And one last note before I forget… ALL COMMENTS WELCOME!!! If you have something to say… anything, just write it down as a reply. I don’t mind if you insult, praise, question, or motivate me or anything!!! Just tell me what’s on your mind, and I’m happy with this.

I will just request you one thing: DO NOT INSULT OTHER PEOPLE WHO HAVE COMMENTED!!! One thing is to insult me (which I can take and tolerate) but another thing is to insult other people who have freely spoken their mind. So please respect each other’s comments and refrain from starting a fire of hatred.